Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas + D80

Christmas this year wasn't as spectacular. Must be the economy. Although statistics speak otherwise about the retail sales, you can feel how much more toned down this year's festive season was. a little less noise, a little less attention, fewer presents... the feeling actually felt abit gloomy to me. sure, i haf my moments of fun. but yeah. overall, i think the economy is killing everybody. i didn't even feel christmas approaching! and before i let that fact sink in, it's already over. whoosh.

Still i thank one of my best girlfriends KimSarah for that awesome party (great creamy potato salad by the way, but i like my potato bits larger and chunkier hehe) and that crazy post-party hangout plus that lil talk we had on the bench, AND macs. wow so many stuff. i love you girlfriend! hahaha! thanks to everyone who gave me presents as well!! and thanks to baby Hero who showered me with lots of licks and fur on christmas day itself. (Hero: woof, you're always welcome for more!)

I borrowed Sarah's Nikon D80 after her christmas eve party. I've been lemming for a dslr. reaaaaaaaaally long already. playing with it just made me went crazy. i felt like a tourist for 2 days (before the batt died on me) because i was carrying it everywhere i go! and snapping everywhere i go. Not my first time touching a dslr, but i haven't really got into serious learning. it's more like go with my guts kinda thing. Hero was obviously my first experiment when i got the D80, although i was advised that taking animals requires quite a bit of skill. but haha, who cares! i love Hero. To share some shots:

in my opinion, the camera itself makes a whole lot of difference to your pics already. i just bugged sarah to extend my loan for the D80. gahaha. Hero did try many times to sniff the camera though. it's kind of hard when he suddenly gets up and walks towards you and you realise all you see in the viewfinder is his nose. and it's not my camera, so i was abit paranoid that he might just lick it or something. but phew, didn't! Hero was a good boy. that's it for now, until the next post, lots of love and fur to you!


  1. heh heh, got get one!!! it's fun!

  2. hi doggie, u are very white and big..
    big and white..
    white white big big.
    char siew bao xD

  3. Extend your loan until god knows when already. LOL! FOC POLISH and a nice big birthday present and I'll let you off scott-free. hahahahahhaah