Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas + D80

Christmas this year wasn't as spectacular. Must be the economy. Although statistics speak otherwise about the retail sales, you can feel how much more toned down this year's festive season was. a little less noise, a little less attention, fewer presents... the feeling actually felt abit gloomy to me. sure, i haf my moments of fun. but yeah. overall, i think the economy is killing everybody. i didn't even feel christmas approaching! and before i let that fact sink in, it's already over. whoosh.

Still i thank one of my best girlfriends KimSarah for that awesome party (great creamy potato salad by the way, but i like my potato bits larger and chunkier hehe) and that crazy post-party hangout plus that lil talk we had on the bench, AND macs. wow so many stuff. i love you girlfriend! hahaha! thanks to everyone who gave me presents as well!! and thanks to baby Hero who showered me with lots of licks and fur on christmas day itself. (Hero: woof, you're always welcome for more!)

I borrowed Sarah's Nikon D80 after her christmas eve party. I've been lemming for a dslr. reaaaaaaaaally long already. playing with it just made me went crazy. i felt like a tourist for 2 days (before the batt died on me) because i was carrying it everywhere i go! and snapping everywhere i go. Not my first time touching a dslr, but i haven't really got into serious learning. it's more like go with my guts kinda thing. Hero was obviously my first experiment when i got the D80, although i was advised that taking animals requires quite a bit of skill. but haha, who cares! i love Hero. To share some shots:

in my opinion, the camera itself makes a whole lot of difference to your pics already. i just bugged sarah to extend my loan for the D80. gahaha. Hero did try many times to sniff the camera though. it's kind of hard when he suddenly gets up and walks towards you and you realise all you see in the viewfinder is his nose. and it's not my camera, so i was abit paranoid that he might just lick it or something. but phew, didn't! Hero was a good boy. that's it for now, until the next post, lots of love and fur to you!

Friday, December 12, 2008

When's The Holidays Coming...

aroo. Mummy and Daddy have been busy. Despite Mummy finishing her A levels, she's still busier than ever, trying to catch up with her friends while attending meetings and preparing for her teaching internship. I don't get to see Mummy very often now. Meanwhile, Daddy has his exams and he's been mugging away......

Sigh! All i do everyday now is to laze around in the house and take my favourite afternoon naps. All I can look forward to are my dinners and night exercises. I hope the true holiday period faster arrives, so i can have so much more fun! Meanwhile... yawn.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Milo My New Friend...

Yesterday Mummy brought me out again! She took a cab and stopped at this place where i made a new friend! it was Mummy's best friend, auntie Cherry's house! and when i saw her, she had a doggie with her! woo woo.

Meet my new friend Milo! he's a 10 year old JRT. Anyway mummy and Auntie C brought Milo and I to have a picnic at botanic gardens! i love that place. it's always long walks and nice green grass for me when i go to botanic gardens.

i met a fellow Sammy too! oh he was bigger than me. Mummy says i'm actually at the lower end of the range for my height and weight. The sammy and i sniffed each other's butts...

we decided we like each other. but after awhile the Sammy growled at me. i think he wanted to play fight. but mummy got abit freaked out. the other Sammy owner also pulled his Sammy away. i heard his name's wookah or something. such a cute name! oh by the way, that huge Sammy's 6 years old. Also, he's fluffier than me!

More pictures to let you know what happy doggies Milo and I are yesterday:

after that Mummy and Auntie C thought it was getting too hot for them to sit there and enjoy the sunny weather. If the humans can't take the weather what about us poor doggies? they decided to visit the K9 Cafe! air con air con! More pictures at the cafe to show how Milo and I were even happier!

I'm a happy dog aroo woo woo!

Milo checking the place out. it's the first time he's there!

Milo told me that he can always count on me when he's cold. he loves digging into my white fluffy fur that keeps me (and now him as well) warm!

Pampered dogs. kwakwakwa.

After that, Mummy and Auntie C took Milo and I for a long walk. we walked all the way from K9 to Sixth Avenue Centre and visited some of Mummy's favourite friends. Mummy says daddy, Auntie C and her always head down there for food or laze around. The nice friends of Mummy and Auntie C gave Milo and I water and ice cubes. After that Mummy and Auntie C took Milo and I home! it was a fun-filled day for Milo and I!

On the last note, Milo seems to think i'm a girl... Mummy and I tried telling Milo i'm a boy, but i think he didn't really hear us. Hmm.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food: Canele's Le Royale

hello readers, today i bring to you my review on Canele's Le Royale chocolate mousse cake! I was in the city area because i was collecting my christmas presents for Hero and his good friend Ozy, the black labrador (the christmas presents etc will be revealed during xmas itself!). As i was pretty early (one hour in fact lol) i shopped around in raffles city! and then i saw Canele, where i've been dying to try its cakes. hence i hopped there and picked one for takeaway!

i have to say, i'm very sure quite a portion of the considerably expensive price tag for its cakes must have went into the packaging. look at the paper bag and box!

and here's the cake i've chosen: Le Royale. Chocolate mousse 66% layered with hazelnut feullitine, almond success and chocolate genoise with rum as its description says. yum yum. my cam really dont do justice to the cake! here's a better picture from their website:

okay now it looks yummy! alright, my first mouth of this cake sent a long "MMMmmmm" to my brain and thoughts. thick chocolate mouse, light cake, and the light yet crunchy base reminded me of a biscuit-y version of ferrero rocher. while many other foodie bloggers rate this cake as good, i think this is great! maybe it's because i haven't tried the others like Obolo and such. but i have to say it is rather expensive.

i'll most probably go back and try some other cakes, but the price do deter me a little. i'll most probably go when i feel abit more generous. but i'll say the Le Royale is good, worth a try.

Le Royale individual cakes retails at $7.00 (before taxes)
Canele is located at Paragon, Raffles City, Shaw Centre and Robertson Walk.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Home Grooming Session

mummy and daddy groomed me over the weekend! first time i got a whole packaged grooming session at home. Mummy and daddy snapped many photos of me. woof woof.

here's daddy preparing my treats so that i'll be a good boy during brushing.. yum yum

yikes! i really hate brushing. i have to go through it every week. i hate it! i always try and squiggle out of dada's reach!

hmm. i shall tolerate and be a good boy cos daddy says i'll get treats! (Mummy: we learnt our lesson. haha. positive reinforcement!)

More brushing... yawns

that's my fur! all my fur. white and fluffy. looks like a cloud in a plastic bag eh? mummy said something about me creating winter for the house 365days a year. heh heh. Mummy also mentioned about keeping my fur to make it into yarn. you're not going to shave me right mummy?

then mummy brought me into the bathroom to bathe. it was my first time in the bathroom! but i didn't enjoy getting wet. phooey. i couldn't wait to get out! and i left the whole living room dripping wet cos i escaped the moment mummy opened the bathroom door! and i gave a gooood shake right in the middle of the living room! teehehe.

Then it was time for me to be dried! i love this part best! so i let mummy dry me while i laze around. Mummy and daddy set up 2 fans and mummy used a salon hairdryer in addition to dry me. Mummy dried me since the sun was high up in the sky, but only stopped when the sun was starting to hide behind the clouds. yawn. i was bored. but i was a good boy :)

Poor mummy got a cut from the fan while drying me :( daddy helped her put a nice plaster over her finger. Poor mummy. drying me for 2 hours and got hurt in the process.

That's me after 4hours of brushing,bathing and drying!

my human parents worked from 1pm-5pm just to get me clean and dry! heh heh. i wonder if they will put me on another grooming session after this tiring experience. hmm, hopefully... not! :P

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food: Soygurt

okay, here comes my first food review. But oh boy, i really wanted my first review to be a pleasant one. unfortunately, the product i chose disappointed me. oh well.

i was doing my grocery shopping in cold storage when i came across this new yogurt on the shelf. It's called Soygurt. This is an alternative to normal yogurts because this is made of soy milk. while in the USA this is pretty common, i haven't seen this before until i went to Cold Storage a few days back, so i bought it.

i bought the vanilla flavoured one, cos i decided i shall try something plain to taste the yogurt itself. i thought vanilla would add a nice sweet taste to the usual sourish plain yogurt. so there. There are other flavours there like peach, mango and strawberry. They do have a plain, soy yogurt one too.

Anyway, i opened it just yesterday night to have it. the texture is very obviously different, as soygurt has this jellyish look compared to the more curdled look for conventional yogurts. then when i put it in my mouth, i just wanted to spit it out. it had a very distinct soy taste (since it's made of soy milk), but the sour taste that came from this yogurt tasted nothing close to normal yogurts - it tasted as if the soygurt is spoilt. urgh. i checked the expiry date immediately, but nope. it's still a month away to it's expiry date. i threw the whole cup away after 2 mouths.

Hence, this soygurt really doesn't suit my tastebuds. it's made of organic beans btw, so health conscious people can try this. but i really didn't like this. and hence it doesn't justify it's 3.70 price tags.

Soygurt is sold in Cold Storage at $3.70

Sunday, November 16, 2008

long, looong day!

woke up early in the morning to bring Hero to the vet. he hasn't been feeling well, has diarrhea in the form of brown water. Yes, WATER. it's totally liquid. for the past 3 days, freaked the whole family out. Hero took a jab, and got some medication. phew.

the vet was telling us about the BARF diet (cos we told her hero consumes raw meat and bones as supplements and treats) and how it has risks and people coming in with dogs having their intestines pierced etc. which makes me wonder how reliable is the vet, or how beneficial is feeding raw. sure, i've read about it, and know of some dogs survive well and has gleaming fur and has never had the problem that the vet says, but i can't dismiss what the vet says as untrue as well because it is logical, and i've read in some places too. sigh. now i don't know if hero still can enjoy his favourite raw chicken backs. :(

yawn. i saw mummy and daddy wake up so early today and wondered what they're up to...

that's me on papa's bed. ooo comfy.

arwowo, dada made me wear my brand new harness! grandmama went down with us in the lift, which from that moment i knew we were going out, heh heh. saw some funny looking doggies and humans today. and yikes! one lady poked something in my butt. she said something called "temperature".. i wonder if it's edible. yum yum. then oww, i felt a prick. but when i looked back there was nothing. my fur was wet and cold at that spot though, brr. (mummy: it's the alchohol lol) after that we went home! bah. i thought we were going out to have fun.

Later on in the afternoon grandmama brought me out with mummy again! wee i knew i was gonna have fun! the morning was just a prep, heh heh. we went to this place called a reservoir... it's supposed to have lots of water! gargle gargle. me and mummy took a stroll there, saw two kids that were willing to play with me! it's so hard to find kids to play with me these days, so i willingly let them pat me heh.

that's me being a good boy posing with mummy at the reservoir. Mummy mentioned something about being fat and gaining weight.. no i'm not fat! i'm just fluffy. i have looots of muscles from the exercise i get, no kidding. strong neck especially heh heh, since i'm a sled dog. hey, i should be getting more food! mummy should give me more food since i run so much! (Mummy: the gaining weight is me, not the doggie. Hero actually lost weight from the diarrhea.) i saw a husky girl on the way back, but she wanted to bite me :( she doesn't like me. oh well. i give in to her anyway, so we walked away and back onto the car to get home! i was a good boy on the ride home, cos i knew it was dinner time! yum yum.

so... today was weird. i didn't get my usual brown kibbles. i had this soft, sticky white stuff called porridge. oh nevermind, it was yummy. so i gobbled and licked it allllllll down anyway! then papa came and took something out from a bag. it looked like something that humans ate, called "candy". i heard children love it, arrrwroo. means i must love it too! this candy had a brand called "medicine". hmm wonder what it tastes like...

oh boy, i was wrong. i didn't like it at all! dada shuffed it into the back of my throat, i didn't like that feeling. i spit it out numerous times. yuck! it was awful. i wonder why humans like candy now. it's the worst thing ever! daddy says i have to take it everyday and a few of it each time. eww. daddy i'll be a good boy, don't shove that candy stuff into my mouth anymore okay!

oh goodie, then i got to go out again! (Mummy: 3 trips today for him, phew) we went to some place where humans get groomed. oo. it's the first time i see humans go grooming. heh heh. can't wait for see daddy, mummy and grandmama all wet!

rooorow, there were 2 doggies there! but they kept barking, warf warf. they ended up on the table and chairs, so i was all alone. phooey. i was so bored while my 3 humans get groomed. eh.. did i mention they only got their fur parts wet? unlike us doggies, where our whole bodies go into the tub. they were as good as dry. arwoo well. i was tired after that, and just wanted to go home. yawns. Grandmama sent mummy home, then she got me and daddy back to home sweet home. Zzz..

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Post

woof, hello! welcome to my mummy's (and ultimately mine too!) blog! Here you will find mummy talk about various happenings and things we encounter. Mummy will type about her musings while mummy will ALSO type for me my exciting adventures! Now, all i have to do is to show her a speech bubble on top of my head...

Decided to start blogging again so i can keep memories of Hero and his furry moments. Can't help but be happy that today's the end of my A levels too. This means i actually have time to maintain a proper blog. and more time for Hero too! :)