Saturday, November 29, 2008

Milo My New Friend...

Yesterday Mummy brought me out again! She took a cab and stopped at this place where i made a new friend! it was Mummy's best friend, auntie Cherry's house! and when i saw her, she had a doggie with her! woo woo.

Meet my new friend Milo! he's a 10 year old JRT. Anyway mummy and Auntie C brought Milo and I to have a picnic at botanic gardens! i love that place. it's always long walks and nice green grass for me when i go to botanic gardens.

i met a fellow Sammy too! oh he was bigger than me. Mummy says i'm actually at the lower end of the range for my height and weight. The sammy and i sniffed each other's butts...

we decided we like each other. but after awhile the Sammy growled at me. i think he wanted to play fight. but mummy got abit freaked out. the other Sammy owner also pulled his Sammy away. i heard his name's wookah or something. such a cute name! oh by the way, that huge Sammy's 6 years old. Also, he's fluffier than me!

More pictures to let you know what happy doggies Milo and I are yesterday:

after that Mummy and Auntie C thought it was getting too hot for them to sit there and enjoy the sunny weather. If the humans can't take the weather what about us poor doggies? they decided to visit the K9 Cafe! air con air con! More pictures at the cafe to show how Milo and I were even happier!

I'm a happy dog aroo woo woo!

Milo checking the place out. it's the first time he's there!

Milo told me that he can always count on me when he's cold. he loves digging into my white fluffy fur that keeps me (and now him as well) warm!

Pampered dogs. kwakwakwa.

After that, Mummy and Auntie C took Milo and I for a long walk. we walked all the way from K9 to Sixth Avenue Centre and visited some of Mummy's favourite friends. Mummy says daddy, Auntie C and her always head down there for food or laze around. The nice friends of Mummy and Auntie C gave Milo and I water and ice cubes. After that Mummy and Auntie C took Milo and I home! it was a fun-filled day for Milo and I!

On the last note, Milo seems to think i'm a girl... Mummy and I tried telling Milo i'm a boy, but i think he didn't really hear us. Hmm.

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